Deals and cases

Patrick Marxer serves as liquidator of a company in bankruptcy.
Roth+Partner represents clients in the exclusion of a condominium owner from the owners' association.
Dr. Patrick Roth was appointed by court as curator of a terminated foundation.
Marco Ender serves as curator of a complex estate.
Roth+Partner advises company on registration according to TVTG (Blockchain Act) as token issuer.
Roth+Partner represents beneficiary in proceedings on the removal of a foundation board member.
Roth+Partner represents clients who are affected by the Liechtenstein sanctions regime on the situation in the Ukraine.
Roth+Partner issues comprehensive legal opinion on kick-back payments.
Roth+Partner advises on cross-border merger and the establishment of a Liechtenstein branch.
Roth+Partner represents financial intermediary in the assertion of professional liability claims.
Roth+Partner advises on the sale of an industrial company.
Roth+Partner represents employer in asserting non-competition claims.
Roth+Partner advises on the restructuring of the compliance set-up of a financial service provider.
Roth+Partner advises on various company acquisitions.
Roth+Partner represents group of financial intermediaries in white collar crime proceedings.
Roth+Partner represents financial intermediary in proceedings regarding a request for an advisory opinion at the EFTA-Court.
Roth+Partner represents legal entity in AIE proceedings.
Roth+Partner represents financial intermediary in FMA supervisory proceedings.
Roth+Partner advises client on the sale of famous painting.
Roth+Partner represents beneficiary of a trust in asserting his rights.
Roth+Partner represents an executive employee against a financial intermediary in a lawsuit on a non-competition clause.
Roth+Partner represents establishment in a lawsuit on the ownership of its founder's rights.
Roth+Partner advises on legal structuring of a new casino opening in Liechtenstein.
Roth+Partner demands from client’s former life insurance company compensation for damages based on violation of the investment guidelines.
Roth+Partner represents foundation in asserting investor losses.
Roth+Partner represents company in the sale of its industrial property.
Roth+Partner represents foundation in asserting liability claims against a former board member.
Roth+Partner represents financial intermediaries against claims seeking restitution of retrocessions.
Roth+Partner represents clients in proceedings on the transfer of the management of entities under art. 18 of the Rules of Conduct of the Institute of Professional Trustees.
Roth+Partner represents manager of a company in claim seeking compensation for unfair instant dismissal.
Roth+Partner advises a company on the issuance of bonds.
Roth+Partner advises on the restructuring including possible cross-border change of domicile of a charitable foundation.
Roth+Partner represents an enterprise in establishing a company and in an ICO to operate a social online-marketplace.
Roth+Partner represents an heir in asserting its claims in connection with an estate comprising an international corporation.
Roth+Partner represents a defendant in domestic criminal proceedings on suspicion of money laundering, and at the same time in related criminal assistance procedures.
Roth+Partner represents a municipality in a building law procedure.
Roth+Partner represents a trustee in administrative penal proceedings on alleged violation of the Due Diligence Act.
Roth+Partner represents client of a trust company in the transfer of a company structure.
Roth+Partner represents trustee in tax information exchange proceedings.
Roth+Partner advises on legal structuring of a foundation in the field of cryptocurrency.
Roth+Partner represents defendant in white-collar crime case.
Roth+Partner advises on legal structuring of a corporation with regard to the DBA FL-D.
Roth+Partner represents victim of an e-banking fraud versus a bank.
Roth+Partner prevails upon the Constitutional Court to carry out judicial review of the constitutionality of article 48 PFZG.
Roth+Partner takes legal action by stages against a Liechtenstein foundation.
Roth+Partner represents an alleged de facto executive body against a recourse claim in arbitration proceedings.
Roth+Partner provides a foundation and its board members with legal representation in proceedings on the removal of board members.
Roth+Partner provides a charitable foundation with legal representation in arbitration proceedings.
Dr. Patrick Roth was appointed by court as a curator of three legal entities asserting claims totaling several millions.
Roth+Partner provides advice to developers regarding the legal structure of their prime-location real estate project and draws up all the necessary contracts.
Roth+Partner provides advice to a corporate foundation of a company domiciled in Germany.
Roth+Partner provides comprehensive legal advice to a developer constructing 16 detached houses.
Roth+Partner provides legal advice to a new casino opening in Liechtenstein.
Roth+Partner provides estate creditors with legal representation in asserting the right to contest the trust.
Roth+Partner provides a large trust company with legal representation in its capacity as court-appointed trustee.
Roth+Partner provides a Liechtenstein-based bank with legal advice during a cross-border merger.
Dr. Patrick Roth acts as an arbitrator during international arbitration proceedings between a foundation and its stakeholders.
Roth+Partner represents a charitable foundation against a claim contesting board resolutions.